Fellers' Cake Bake

(updated for 2013)


The purpose of the Fellers' Cake Bake Contest is threefold:

  1. To provide all Cub Scouts and their male friends and associates (like brothers, dads, grandpas, uncles, etc.) an opportunity and excuse to wreak havoc on their kitchens
  2. To attempt to create a gourmet dessert that rivals anything the Waldorf-Astoria can dish out
  3. To win a ribbon for having tried your dangdest to make a cake that looks, sounds, smells, feels, and tastes edible.


To winners in each of six categories, certificates for first, place. And, to all, a chance to share some delicious dessert with everyone else. The judging categories are:


All rules must be followed. Judges will use these rules as the basis for qualification.

  1. Only male cooks, advisors, and cleanup crews are allowed to participate. No advice, instructions, or help of any sort is allowed from the "girls." Simply put, this is a Dad and Scout activity.
  2. The cake and all decorations must be completely edible. No plastic, wax, wood, or any other inedible materials are allowed as part of the cake. The only exception is the pan or base on which the cake is presented.
  3. Cake and icing mixes are allowed; however, it has been past contestants' experience that the more from scratch you make it the messier it can get. And the messier it gets, the more fun you have doing it.
  4. Members of the "fairer sex" (moms, sisters, grandmas, aunts, etc.) are encouraged to watch, enjoy, and laugh about the experience. Photo opportunities abound!
  5. Entries will be placed on tables in the back of Pack meeting area. The judges will determine against which category(ies) each cake will be judged. Cakes must arrive at the Pack meeting prior to judging; judging will begin promptly at the beginning of the Pack meeting, after the opening ceremonies.

If anyone has any questions about the contest, please call Mr. Siem at 993-2012